⚔️ Set Up
Install Swordy Bot in your Discord Server
Ready to add Swordy Bot to your server?
Having trouble testing your bot? See the "Testing - Important!" section below.

1. Add the Bot

Get started by clicking the "Add Bot" button on https://swordybot.com
Then choose the server you want Swordy Bot to manage:
Next you need to make sure the Bot has a higher role than any roles it will manage. The easiest way to achieve this is to drag the "swordy-bot-v2" role as high as possible in Roles settings.

2. Call the bot

In the same server where you added the bot, type !unlock to start the login processs.

3. Add a token

If you have Discord permissions to manage roles, then you'll see an "Edit Guild" button. Click it to start adding tokens.
Choose the role you want, and submit the token details.
Using Unlock Protocol? Learn how to create a new Lock here: https://docs.unlock-protocol.com/creators/deploying-lock
🎉 Voila! You've successfully configured Swordy Bot to manage a role.

Testing - Important!

To test your bot from the community member's perspective, you may need to use a different Discord account.
This is due to a safety feature from Discord to prevent rogue bots from taking over servers. TL;DR bots can't edit roles for server owners (that's probably you).
Create a new Discord account or ask a friend to help you test things out!